Learn Chinese with a screensaver 🖥

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I built a macOS screensaver to help with learning Mandarin. It works by displaying Mandarin Chinese words + definitions (in English).

As well, it also displays the pinyin and tones. So, when my computer goes to sleep, the monitor turns off and I can still learn new words as I walk by.

It also serves as a useful reminder throughout the day to keep learning.


*More information on HSK levels can be found here.

How it works

  1. Download the .saver
  2. Select HSK list you want to learn in macOS Settings
  3. (Optional) Set a hot corner to activate the screen saver

This project was inspired by macOS's built-in Word of the Day screensaver (which unfortunately only supports English and Japanese).

If you think of any improvements or run into issues, feel free to create an issue on GitHub (or even contribute to it!).

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