We use Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics.
We do not use an advertisting identifier for tracking. We do not independently store any data from Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics.
Data collected by Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics may include number of sessions, session duration, operating system, device model, geography, first launches, app opens, app updates, in-app purchases.
Crashlytics may also capture:
General device information, such as model, OS, and orientation
RAM and disk size
CPU usage
Carrier (based on Mobile Country and Network Code)
Radio/Network information (for example, WiFi, LTE, 3G)
Country (based on IP address)
Signal strength
Jailbroken or rooted status of device
Battery level and battery-charging state
App version
App foreground or background state
App package name
An pseudonymous app-instance identifier
Network URLs (not including URL parameters or payload content) and the following corresponding information:
Response codes (for example, 403, 200)
Payload size in bytes
Response times
Duration times for automated traces.
We also use Apple's Game Center to allow for built in leaderboards for our users, so they are also subject to Apple's Terms and Conditions for Game Center.