Monthly singing recordings


I've been singing as a hobby since high school. Never took classes or got good at it, just did it for fun. With 2022, I've started practicing more because I've realized how much I enjoy the way it feels to sing.


Each month, I pick a slice of one of my recording sessions and link that below. The goal is to track how my voice changes over time and to share learnings. In general, these are raw recordings (zero editing / filters) for consistency.

I'm currently recording with a guitar as my secondary instrument, but I just got my old keyboard back so I plan to use that soon too.

Current setup:

I place my phone on a flat surface in front of me and record my entire session, including warm-up.


September 2022

I've recorded 10 sessions so far this month. Will post a recording by the end of Sept.

August 2022

I recorded 10 sessions this month. Got more practice sessions in than previous months, likely due to getting back from travels. Felt great.

July 2022

I recorded 7 sessions this month.

June 2022

I recorded 4 sessions this month.

May 2022

I recorded 6 sessions this month.

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