How to make your first visionOS game πŸ₯½


Last month, I decided that I wanted to ship my first visionOS app:

Considering that I didn't have any experience with visionOS going into my solo hackathon, as long as you're able to code, you can do this too.

How to start

Before you start doing anything, I'd recommend a few steps:

  1. Imagine what you'd like to build.
  2. Cut the scope in half, because it's going to be more difficult than you expect for your 1st thing.
  3. Watch a few videos about spatial computing on visionOS from Apple (opens in a new tab).
  4. Download the most relevant reference projects from the Apple docs to you. Project list:
  5. Check out example projects on GitHub (opens in a new tab) to reference.
    • There's a decent chance someone has built some aspect of what you're trying to build.
  6. Start building!

Actually building the game

Now that you have a rough idea and sense of what you can do with visionOS APIs, you can get going.

I personally recommend skimming my hackathon thread (opens in a new tab), as it gives you a good sense of how to peel back the onion to get where you want.

These are the steps I took:

By the end of it, I had a game called Moros: Academy that I was able to upload to the visionOS App Store (opens in a new tab). Simple, but effective. And it's all open-source on GitHub (opens in a new tab).

My advice to you: think about what the above list might look like for your idea. You can either reverse engineer from the end result, or imagine it at 0 like I did.

And generally, I highly recommend placing constraints on yourself for this first app or game so that you finish with something. I found that necessary for myself here.

Finally, if you got something out of this and/or would like to see additional detail, I'd love to hear from you on X (formerly Twitter) (opens in a new tab) or LinkedIn (opens in a new tab).

Last Updated: Mon May 27 2024



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